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Believe it or not, all you have to do is step out of your front door and there will be plenty of slags around you - you just don't know about them! This site allows women to be up front about their horny cravings and you will find them all in one place; fat slags, chav slags, local slags - basically just plenty of girls who want to have some really dirty, horny sex with strangers. I have been on this site for around 6 months now and have never had to travel more than a couple of miles to find what I'm looking for; I was really surprised at just how many women are on here looking for an easy shag, and the slags who are up for it are on another level - you will have some of the best sex of your life, with plenty of experimenting and doing what you want to each other!

Do You Prefer More Meat On The Bone?

Personally, I'm not into the whole skinny look and I like something that I can grab onto. Shagging a twig isn't really my style and I like a woman who has a few curves in all the right places. Hell, I'll be honest, I even love fat slags, who, in my experience, are some of the dirtiest slags out there! I'd tell you some of my best stories, but I want you to go and make some of your own! It is ingrained in us from when we were cavemen that hips and bums make a more desirable woman, so stop finding yourself with stick insects and start meeting with women who've got a bit more arse to slap!

Where Did The Term Slag Actually Come From?

What is a slag? Many men would say it's a dirty woman who is up for anything, and they're not completely wrong, but the way the term is used is negatively, when really, slags are great! We believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a slag and women are just as entitled to express their sexuality freely as a man is - why should they be looked down on for it, when we all enjoy it equally? We love women who aren't looking for a relationship and live for their next orgasm, and if that makes them a slag, then we welcome them!