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When I got out of my last relationship, I knew that I didn't want to jump into anything else; I'd had enough stress to put me off for a long time and I just wanted to have fun, a bit of a thrill and something no-strings. In short - just sex. However, finding that down the pub or on a night out wasn't as easy as I thought it might be; not many women will admit to just wanting a quick fuck - until they are online and can be honest without anyone overhearing! Once I signed up I started meeting women pretty much straight away; I sent messages introducing myself to find out a little more about them and realised that they were just as keen on having quick sex as I was - and the best thing? They were good looking, up for it and unbelievably horny!

Why Dating For Sex Is No Longer Taboo

These days, we aren't scared to cut out the middle part of dating that involves the whole going for a drink and a meal, only to end up doing the inevitable after a few dates. If people just want to find other likeminded people for a quickie - then why bother with the rigmarole when it is no longer necessary? Having sex isn't something that has to be kept a secret and dating for sex eliminates any confusion for both people; if both people go into it with the same understanding, then having that no- commitment, no-strings sexy fun isn't a problem, and with so many people doing it, it doesn't have to be so hush hush - just enjoy it!

How To Break The Ice With Singles Online

There are no set rules when it comes to talking to singles online - everybody is different and everybody approaches it in a different way. I always try to be myself; just because I am looking for sex doesn't mean my persona changes, so I'm honest from the get go and tell women exactly what I'm looking for so that we are on the same page. I break the ice by asking what they want first, then I chip in with what I want, too - it really is that easy and if they don't like me, then I don't have to worry about the embarrassment of being let down face to face!