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Are you looking for some shag dates? Then welcome to the best place to find them! I got sick and tired of sitting in the pub at the weekend, wanting to find a quick shag, only to be knocked back at the end of the night by a woman who had just used me for a few drinks! I’m open and honest about what I am looking for; I don't want a relationship, I want no strings fun that is sexy and enjoyable, with dirty women who want to shag me, too! I'll be honest, I was starting to lose hope and just thought that I wouldn’t find these women who were looking for the same thing as me, but I was very, very wrong! As soon as I logged onto this site I realised that there are plenty of girls looking for a shag, the profiles are genuine and the fun is out there to be had!

Shag Dating Sites Are All The Buzz Right Now

Like me, most people don't have the time or the inclination to be bothered with a full blown relationship, but they still want the fun of the sex! Shag dating sites are perfect as all we have to do is log on, create a profile and start chatting with girls looking for a shag who are local! When I first signed up, I was dubious and started talking to a few women who seemed up for it, but I was convinced that nothing would come of it. However, after talking a few times a day to one woman in particular, we decided to meet up and just four days after our initial message, we were rolling around in the sack together having some absolutely mind-blowing sex! The experience was sexy and exciting and I've been hooked ever since - since joining a shag dating site, I haven't looked back!

Keeping The Relationship Casual

I am always completely straight with whoever I am meeting that all I want is a casual relationship that revolves around sex; I don't want commitment, so I always look for women who are on the same page as me. I have found that by being open and honest about this, it hasn't been too difficult to ensure that the relationship doesn't get complicated, and if it ever has, I walk away before any further feelings develop. Some may call it cold, I call it knowing what I want and stopping things getting messy!